If a child is to derive lasting benefit from this educational program, regular attendance is a MUST! Students are expected to attend class on time, properly dressed and prepared to actively participate. Please call the studio if you are going to be late or absent from class. Coming in to observe class is encouraged if you are well enough to attend.

Dress Code

Dress codes are strictly enforced since it is part of the discipline of dance and ensures that your child will get the proper dance training. Please check the dress code table to the right for the exact attire and shoe requirements needed for each class.

School Season

Classes begin immediately after Labor Day. The school is closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Lynnfield Public School vacation weeks (Dec-Jan, February, April.) Recitals are typically held the week before Memorial Day, firm dates will be announced during the school year.


Chiampa Dance will close in the event that Lynnfield Public Schools cancels due to snow or any other type of inclement weather. Should a class need to be cancelled due to the weather, a cancellation notice will be placed on the studio voicemail, Facebook and the Website. A make-up class will be offered, there will be no credits.

Dance Studios

Outside shoes are not allowed on dance studio floors. Students will be lined up in the lobby and brought into dance studios by a teacher or assistant. Parents are asked to remain in the lobby and not enter studio classrooms. All classes can be monitored in the lobby via the closed circuit TV. If a child needs to leave early please notify the secretary who will retrieve him/her.

Dance Office

Office hours are posted annually, there is a payment dropbox available for days when the office is closed. Feel free to communicate with staff members via office@chiampadance.com or call the studio at (781) 595-9423.


Recitals are held each year to culminate the school year. Tickets are sold for this event. All groups are featured in one show while Solos, Duets, company and team dancers are featured in a separate show. Location and Date TBA.


We are always pleased to speak to parents. However, please communicate with faculty via email or make an appointment to speak with them during non-lesson times.

Classroom Etiquette

Students are asked to arrive on time for class. This is to ensure that the class is not disrupted by late arrivals and also so all students receive a proper warm up for their scheduled class. Students should be respectful or their teachers and classmates at all times. Students should be dressed properly and with the correct footwear. (Please see dress code guidelines below.) Proper dance attire ensures that students are receiving accurate instruction regarding body alignment and posture.

Dress Code

Female Dancers Male Dancers
Baby & Me, Babydance and Kinderdance
Pink Leotard Black Pants or Shorts
Pink Tights White T-Shirt
Pink Ballet Shoes Black Ballet Shoes
Kinder - Tan Tap Shoes also Kinder - Black Tap Shoes also
K1 Combo
Black Leotard Black Pants or Shorts
Tan Footless, Stirrup or Convertible Tights Black T-Shirt
Pink Ballet Shoes Black Ballet Shoes
Tan Tap Shoes Black Tap Shoes
Black Leotard Black Shorts or Pants (not baggy)
Pink Tights Black Tank or T-Shirt
Pink Ballet Shoes Black Ballet Shoes
Black Leotard Black Shorts or Pants (not baggy)
Tan Tights Black T-Shirt
Pink Ballet Shoes Black Ballet Shoes
Tan Tap Shoes Black Tap Shoes
Tan Jazz Shoes Black Jazz Shoes
Black Leotard Black Pants or Shorts (not baggy)
Tan Tights Balck T-Shirt
Black Dance Sneakers Black Dance Sneakers
Black Leotard Black Shorts
Tan Tights Black T-Shirt
Tan Acro Shoes Tan Acro Shoes
Black Leotard Black Shorts
Tan Convertible or Footless Tights Black T-Shirt
Foot Undies Foot Undies
  • Leotard and tights are the only acceptable attire. No other accessories are allowed (legwarmers, skirts, sweaters, etc. are extremely distracting to young dancers.) Students should wear a long sleeve leotard for winter months.

  • Proper footwear for each class is required. All tap and jazz shoes should be buckle/elastic or slip on style - no tie shoes. Upon registration you will receive the shoe style needed for your particular class.

  • Hair should be worn pulled back from the face in a neat bun, pony, braid, etc. No dangling jewelry is to be worn to class.

  • Ballet students in grades 6 and up MUST have hair in a tight bun with bangs secured back.